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New Book

Congratulations to Drs. Penney Clark and Alan Sears on the publication of their book, The Arts and the Teaching of History: Historical F(r)ictions (Palgrave MacMillan, 2020). More information about the book, including a free preview, can be found here:

New Publication

Congratulations to Thinking Historically co-investigator, Catherine Duquette and her colleagues on the publication of their new chapter, À la recherche d’un point de rencontre: L’apport d’une approche commune en science, technologie et univers social, pour intégrer des savoirs autochtones in the book La décolonisation de la scolarisation des jeunes Inuit et des Premières Nations […]

Commemoration Controversies Podcasts

A University of Calgary award-winning undergraduate student, Jessica Gobran, conducted a series of interviews with scholars from across Canada on how teachers should understand and take up controversies around commemorations. Contributors include Lindsay Gibson along with Dwayne Donald, Ehaab Abdou, among others. Throughout the podcast Jessica reflects on how her own Egyptian Coptic identity intersects […]

Education professor shares concerns about Alberta’s curriculum review

Elementary Education professor Carla Peck‘s online responses to the Alberta government’s announcements around its curriculum renewal process are going viral. She asks why its decision-making isn’t grounded in evidence-based best practices on teaching social studies and history. Read more here.

Dr. Carla Peck interviewed on 770 CHQR radio in Calgary, AB

Dr. Carla Peck was interviewed on Afternoons with Rob Breakenridge about the new Alberta Education Ministerial Order on Student Learning and its implications for Alberta’s teachers and students. Listen to the podcast here.

Dr. Carla Peck responds to the new Ministerial Order on Student Learning

On August 6, 2020, Alberta Minister of Education, Adriana LaGrange, released the province’s new Ministerial Order on Student Learning. Dr. Carla Peck offers a critique of the new mandate for K-12 education in Alberta, including what it means for history education. Read the full analysis here.

Awards News

Congratulations to Dr. Kristina Llewellyn on her Excellence in Teaching Award! For more details, please follow the link below:

Book News

“Congratulations to Thinking Historically co-investigators Drs. Penney Clark and Alan Sears on their upcoming publication, The Arts and the Teaching of History: Historical F(r)ictions, which will be available via Palgrave Macmillan and Amazon in Fall 2020!” 

The passing of Professor Joan Pagès

The Thinking Historically for Canada’s Future team was very sorry to learn of the passing of Professor Joan Pagès, of the GREDICS group (Grup de Recerca en Didàctica de les Ciències Socials – Social Sciences Education Research Group) at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

Premier bulletin de Penser Historiquement pour l’avenir du Canada, “Penser l’histoire!”

Nous sommes heureux de partager notre premier bulletin de nouvelles de Penser Historiquement pour l’avenir du Canada, “Penser l’histoire!” avec vous. Nous publierons notre bulletin plusieurs fois par an pour fournir des mises à jour sur le projet et pour communiquer avec le grand public sur le travail passionnant que nous faisons! Ces bulletins seront […]

Inaugural newsletter: Thinking History!

We are pleased to share our first Thinking Historically for Canada’s Future newsletter, Thinking History! with you. We will be publishing our newsletter several times a year to provide partnership updates and to communicate with the broader public about the exciting work we are doing! These newsletters will also be posted on under the […]

Connection, not real-time teaching, is priority for crisis education

Thinking Historically co-investigator Kristina Llewellyn co-authors (with Jennifer Llewellyn) an op-ed for The Star on teaching during the COVID19 pandemic: “Connection, not real-time teaching, is priority for crisis education.” Congrats!

Nicholas Ng-A-Fook launches the FooknConversation Podcast

Congratulations to team member Nicholas Ng-A-Fook on the creation of the FooknConversation podcast! Several members of the Thinking Historically team have already joined Nicholas in conversation – check out the podcast here!

Check out “The Conversation” article by team members Dagenais and McKay!

Thinking Historically Co-investigators Maxime Dagenais and Ian McKay, of the Wilson Institute for Canadian History, wrote a piece for The Conversation on October 1970, the War Measure/Emergencies Act, and COVID-19. Congratulations!

Revoir l’enseignement de l’histoire dans nos écoles

Listen to Carla Peck discuss history education with D. Labrie on CBC Radio. Listen here