Past Partner Representatives

Rachel Collishaw is the President of the Ontario History and Social Science Teachers’ Association, and the Social Studies Educators Network of Canada. She has been a teaching at the secondary level in history and social science subject areas for over 20 years. She has worked as an instructional coach with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and is a passionate advocate for quality professional learning and resources for history and social science teachers. She is a recipient of the Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching (2013) and the author of several textbooks and learning resources that emphasize inquiry and historical thinking. She is currently on secondment to Elections Canada as an Education Specialist, where she has developed resources to support educators in teaching about elections and democracy.


Blaire Gould is the Executive Director at Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey. She comes from the Mi’kmaq district of Unama’ki and is a proud L’nu’skw and speaker. She strives to advance the educational opportunities and rights for the Mi’kmaq people. Blaire has continued to pursue new and innovating ways to infuse language and culture into the 21st century. She is part of an inspiring team of Mi’kmaq scholars and educators whose collective and individual contributions to Mi’kmaw education have created space for Mi’kmaq innovation in the education system.


John Tidswell has been an Alberta teacher for twenty-five years and taught in every grade from one to twelve. He is currently working in a virtual classroom, teaching and developing coursework for Revelation Online – Edmonton Catholic Schools’ online learning department.

Previously, John worked for seven years as the District’s social studies consultant, working with schools and teachers to promote best practices. He is the past president of the Alberta Teachers’ Association Social Studies Council, an organization aimed at improving professional practice in the teaching of social studies by providing and facilitating professional learning opportunities. He is currently working with others educators from across the country to help establish the Social Studies Education Network of Canada (SSENC). This organization seeks, amongst other goals, to facilitate cooperation among social studies educators across Canada. John is a musician and is interested in the arts, culture, politics, economics and environmental issues.