Bibliography: Fiction and non-fiction for secondary social studies. In R. Case & P. Clark (Eds.). Learning to inquire in history, geography and social studies: An anthology for secondary teachers, 4ed. Vancouver BC: The Critical Thinking Consortium.


This annotated bibliography offers resources from many genres of literature to support social studies education. Where possible, we have arranged the resources chronologically. The legend identifies the genres of literature. The resources included in this bibliography are not exhaustive and have been selected to engage secondary students, regardless of their reading level. High/low books (including picture books) have been selected to build reading fluency, vocabulary, background knowledge, and interest in reading. Graphic novels can be especially appealing to readers who are reluctant to read more traditional books. There is usually a limited amount of text to drive the narrative. Poetry is often shorter too, which makes the task of reading less overwhelming for struggling or reluctant readers. With poetry, a lot of ideas can be packed into a few well-chosen words.


Clark, Penney
Webb, Andrea

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Vancouver BC: The Critical Thinking Consortium. (online supplement)


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