Dr. David Scott interviewed on radio in Calgary, AB

Dr. David Scott, from Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, was […]

Radio Interview with Dr. Alan Sears

Alan Sears (Honorary Research Professor, Faculty of Education at the University of […]

Dr. Ng-A-Fook Interviewed by Helene Jouane

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Radio interview with Dr. Nicholas Ng-A-Fook in Ottawa

Dr. Nicholas Ng-A-Fook was interviewed by Amélie Gosselin for Radio Canada. Désignation […]

Dr. Nicholas Ng-A-Fook interviewed on radio in Ottawa, ON

Interviewed by Martine Laberge for Radio Canada. Désignation des pensionnats autochtones, quel […]

Professor Alan Sears and his PhD student interviewed on CBC radio

The New Brunswick Chapter of Black Lives Matter is calling for the […]