Decoding the Disciplines is a process developed by Middendorf and Pace (2004) to help university teachers, who are disciplinary experts, deal with student bottlenecks in learning. Often, these places where students become consistently stuck are related to difficult disciplinary concepts or processes that have become so internalized and familiar for the expert that we have a difficult time explaining them to students. In this audio blog/podcast, we draw on our own explorations of the Decoding process, which we modified so that, rather than decoding individual tacit knowledge, we started to uncover and disrupt knowledges and practices related to three different disciplines. Our podcast features the four subjects in conversation with each other as they reflect on what we have named a “disruptive interview.” We explore our experience of attempting to uncover and disrupt our discipline’s complicit knowledge, in our path towards reconciliation and decolonization within the institution.


Easton, Lee
Lindstrom, Gabrielle
Pace, D.
Yeo, Michelle

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International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 2019: SoTL Without Borders: Engaged Practices for Social Change. Atlanta, GA.

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